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Washed Out at Avalon

Heavy rain was forecasted for Avalon, as thoughts of cancellation loomed. Luckily, the rain stayed away long enough that we could go racing.

After positive results in the last few rounds, the crew felt good going into time trials. Waters had been allocated into the third group, allowing the crew to get an idea of how the track conditions were. Unfortunately, when Waters did go out, the car was too tight and he wasn't able to extract the best time. Waters ended up finishing 5th in his group with a time of 11.883s.

Following time trials, the rain hit the track and delayed the beginning of the heats. Originally it had been formatted for two sets of heats, with Waters starting out of 4th for the third heat. An unscheduled driver's meeting was called, where it was decided that the format would change in an attempt to beat the rain. Heats had been shortened to just one set, and Waters was moved up to start out of 2nd in the third and final heat.

Quick off the line, Waters was able to capitalise on his newfound starting position and take the lead on the first lap. He held this position and built up a healthy gap over the course of the 10-lap race. It had qualified him to start out of 8th in A-Main.

Unfortunately, rain hit the track once again and it was ultimately decided to call the event.

Driver's Quote:

"My night was pretty good, we time trialled average though. Didn't quite get the car right for the track. There was a bit of rain around which made the track change again and we changed from a two-heat format to a one, inverted the top six so that put us out of 2 for the heat. So, started 2nd for the heat and got a good start, so I was able to win the heat. The car felt really nice, definitely better than time trials. Then the heavens opened and that was the end of the night. So yeah, the car was fast, good to get a heat win- we'll see if we race tomorrow night."


Photos by Ebony McQuinn

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