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Before becoming a sprint car team, Chief Racing started in water ski racing. Our team owner, Colin McQuinn, watched the Southern 80 for years, camping on the banks of the Murray with family and friends. Deciding to start racing around 1994 with his boat Nemesis. Col quickly outgrew this boat and that's when he built "The Chief".

Col raced for over 20 years, stopping in 2012. During this time he had many successes and became a well loved member of the sport, even heading the boards for both Victoria and Australia. Col even had a massive part in bringing the sport back from the brink of collapse after the turmoil of the September 11 attacks, an event that caused insurance companies to pull support from extreme sports.

Cameron Waters and Col first met when Cam was just six years old. Cam had been racing karts with the son of The Chiefs observer, Jamsy. They become closer later in life when Cam approached Col about sponsorship for Super2 in 2015.

Cam already had a sprint racing career through super sedans and Col had been an avid fan of sprint cars for a long time, he began attending events more often from 2016 onwards. In 2020, Cam went along with Col to watch the Presidents’ Cup in Avalon. This sparked numerous conversations of competing (usually where Col's wife Jennie couldn't hear) and the rest they say is history. Less than 12 months later, the Chief Racing Sprintcar team was up and running, ready for their first race. 

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