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Successful Night for Waters in Hamilton Debut

By Ebony McQuinn.

Last night Chief Racing made its debut at Western Speedway, Hamilton, alongside acting crew chief Dave McFadden.

Sprintcars weren't the first category to hit the track and with Western Speedway's track having low banking, it was already rubbered up by the time sprintcars went out for time trials. A 24-car field, time trials were split into three groups, of which Waters was in the first. Putting down his best time in the first lap, a 13.692, placing him third in both his group and out of all 24 cars.

Following the format of the night, Waters' time had placed him fourth in the first heat of the evening. Quick off the line, Waters showed strong pace through the 10-lap race. Tricky track conditions saw it become difficult to pass, as Waters crossed the line in third. With the points he had gained, Waters qualified to start tenth in the A-Main.

The last event of the night, the A-Main had dropped the field down to 18 cars. Having a good set-up, Waters had plenty of paces as he continued to pass and battle cars for position. Eventually moving all the way to fourth, and coming very close to a top-three finish with a stoppage at 6-laps remaining and again with 3-laps. Unfortunately, as most of the fields' tyres had completely worn out, Waters crossed the line in fourth.

Overall the crew were delighted with the results and are feeling hopeful for the remaining season.


Photos by Ebony McQuinn

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