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No Luck for Waters at Avalon

For the final round of the Eureka Garages and Sheds with the SRA, the crew raced at Avalon Raceway. This track has been notoriously challenging for the crew and tonight was no different. Dave McFadden continuing in his role as Acting Crew Chief.

Hotlaps brought a positive note to start the night, as Waters topped the time sheets for his group with a time of 12.157s. Unfortunately, the crew just missed the set-up in between hot laps and time trials. Waters put down a time of 12.544s, six-tenths off Corey McCullagh, achieving QuickTime in the group with an 11.917s. Waters ended up third. His position in time trials placed Waters out of fourth for the third heat.

Woes followed into the heat as Waters made contact with the car in front at the start. An incident on the seventh lap took out the race leader, promoting Waters to third, where he finished. With mediocre results, Waters qualified for 11th in the A-Main.

The A-Main was shortlived as an incident on the first lap left Waters with nowhere to go as he made contact with the cars involved. Thankfully, Waters was alright and the only damage on the car was a bent radius rod and the front wing was bent. The crew are now looking ahead to the Easter Trail in two weeks.

Driver's Quote:

"Racing here at Avalon tonight. Went okay. We time-trialled third in our group, which was alright, but would've liked to of been better. In the heat we moved forward one spot with a pretty fast track, putting us into the A-Main starting out of eleventh. The car was pretty good in the heat, we're making it better and better. Unfortunately, there was a little crash at the start that happened in front of me and I had nowhere to go. Bent one of the arms on the front, but it is what it is. We'll learn from tonight and bring it to the Easter Trail"


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