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Disappointing Darwin Debut

By Ebony McQuinn.

Chief Racing has finally made it to Darwin. Unfortunately, it was not the night we wanted. The chassis hadn't been used since the Classic back in January and the crew struggled to shake the dust off it. They couldn't seem to find the right set-up as the car lacked pace throughout the night. Two issues were predominantly causing headaches for the team, and just as they thought they were going to fix it, unfortunately, ran out of time. On top of set-up problems, a couple of the crew, including Waters, were a bit under the weather- adding to the difficulty of the night.

Given the struggles of the night, the results were far from desirable. After timings failed to work during hot-laps, heat grids were drawn at random. The crew were lucky to draw 3rd in the first heat. Ultimately, Waters would drop down to 5th. The second heat was much the same. A reverse grid saw Waters start 7th and drop to 8th to finish the race. The points from the heats would see Waters start 4th in the B-Main. While he had managed to keep 4th for most of the race, multiple red flags assisting, the last few laps saw him drop into 6th. That was where the night ended.

It's a new day, and the crew have already stripped the whole car and believe to have diagnosed the issues. They're feeling confident ahead of the NT Title tonight.

Outside of all the issues, the crew are loving being in Darwin and are all big fans of the Northline track and its facilities.

Chief's Quote:

"What a track, the facilities are amazing, as good as anywhere in the world. Asphalt pits, concrete pad at back of transporter, grass everywhere. We just couldn't give Cam a good car last night, we'll go away now to wash it and see if we can find anything. Ready for more fun tonight."

Driver's Quote

"Great to be back in the 410 car up in Darwin. We haven't been in that car since the Classic, which was earlier in the year. The night was about blowing the cobwebs out and getting back into the swing of things. We struggled a little getting on top of the car and engine plus I wasn't 100%. Looking forward to tonight and stepping it up a bit."

Gallery - Big thanks to Scott Kernahan from SK MotorPics for taking photos this weekend.

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