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Challenging Night for Waters in Kings Challenge Debut

By Ebony McQuinn

After three years in the sport, Chief Racing has finally tackled Speedway's version of 'The Mount' as they competed in the King's Challenge at Borderline Speedway in Mt Gambier.

Kicking off the night with good pace, Waters finished 4th in his time trial group with a time of 11.844, three-tenths off Tyler Courtney in the W17 car. The event's format would see Waters start 4th in his first heat and 7th in the fully inverted grid of the second heat.

Unfortunately, the set-up for the first heat would see Waters lose that previous pace. After a slow start, Waters dropped from 4th to 7th over the course of the 10-lap race. Heat 2 would be a similar struggle as the crew continued to chase the set-up.

Despite this, team boss, Colin McQuinn, claims that "this is one of the most competitive fields we've seen in a while. It was absolute carnage! The B-Mains felt like A-Mains, the A-Main was like the Classic".

The disheartening heat results saw Waters start out fo 15th in a field of 20 cars for the B-Main. This time, the crew had completely reviewed the set-up. As the B-Main commenced, Waters was able to return to the good pace shown earlier in the day as he began passing cars. By the end of the 15th and final lap, Waters had moved up six positions into 9th. While not good enough to transfer into the A-Main, the crew were still content with their finish.

Driver's Quote:

"Started the night not too bad, time trialled fourth. The track was a bit greasy but we were half okay. First heat, battled a lot trying to get the car to hook up in the slick, we thought that the track was hookier than it was. Heat 2 was much the same with struggles. We went through everything and changed a bunch of stuff for the B-Main. It made the car much better but, after having two bad heats we were pretty deep in the B [B-Main]. It was good to go and find a direction and work out what wasn't working. We'll have a night off, look over the car and come out ready for the Classic"


Photos by Ebony McQuinn

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1 commentaire

Bloody fantastic job for a part time Wing Warrior! Cheers Cam, Great job young fella!!!

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