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Best Result for Waters in Moama

Last night in Moama saw the best results for the team since its establishment. After the damage sustained in Nyora last week, the car underwent repairs and minor set-up changes in the hopes of betters results in Moama. The v6 Sprintcar far exceeded the team's expectations by the end of the night.

In group 5 for time trials, the bar was set high by the time our turn rolled around. The time to beat being a 15.724, set by T. Moule in the D26. While most set similar times to this, Waters went two tenths quicker to hold provision quick time. As no one in the remaining three groups could top his time, Waters was awarded quick time. The second quick time in two weeks, the crew had a lot to smile about.

As he had achieved quick time, Waters would start from pole in his first heat and the rear for his second due to a reverse grid. Heat 1a went perfectly, getting a good start, Waters was able to quickly put distance between himself and the rest of the field. Holding the lead for the whole 10 laps, Waters earned his second heat win. Happy with the set-up minor changes were heading into Heat 1b. Starting from the rear, there was a bit more pressure to perform. Waters nailed the start and had already passed three cars by the time the first lap was completed. Keeping up the momentum, Waters passed two more cars by the end of the race to finish in third.

Waters had equal 1st points, but as he had been awarded quick time, Waters would start from pole position for the A-Main. This would be Waters’ first A-Main pole position. Unfortunately, the start didn’t go well for Waters, losing the lead, relegated to 2nd. Car v88 would hold the lead. Meanwhile, Brenton Farrer in the v34 battled Waters for 2nd position. Halfway through the race, v88 had to pull in, giving Cam the lead once again. This would be short-lived as Waters couldn’t keep Farrer behind him due to poor track conditions. The A-Main would be declared four laps short of completion due to a car crashing and severely damaging the fence separating the track from the fan.

While it wasn’t the win the crew had hoped for, they are all still stoked to achieve their first podium. They now look towards racing in Mildura next week, Waters’ home track.

Driver's Point of View:

"Had a really good night in the 360 car. First time here in Moama. Was great to get quick time, and won my first heat from pole. My next heat started from 8th and moved up to 3rd, which put me on pole for the A-Main and equal points for the night. Had a really sick race. Missed the start, so I was running second for most of the race. Got the lead back, then the track went away and Brenton Farrer had a bit more pace than me and passed for the lead. Had a mega race and super stoked to get my first podium."

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